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  1. Beanstalk

From the album Piano Songs

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Just give me a carrot or a dose of fate
I used to wanna love then went more prone to hate
I'm getting used to it now
Hey mister give me a dollar or some pretty rocks
Even if you throw them, they won't split apart
I'm getting used to it now

I wanna take care of myself
And have respect and pride
Assertiveness and be kind
He's gotta care for me
Before I give my heart
And affection to his hand

I climbed up Jack's beanstalk with
The seeds that he had planted
And then I pushed him down
There's really a kingdom up there
And a whole bunch of giants
And more money than you can count

There goes my caress
Right into happiness
So together now
And who would have guessed
I could have loveliness
The skills and the know how

All the smaller ones are standing in line in back
They start to plan their attack
They will change the earth, the air and shift the tide of the sea
They will make it easier for me
All I really want is for you to be in love with me
All I really want is for you to move my sea
Seems all the other fish swam away or you ate them all
Who is going to catch me when you let me fall?

Every time that I get paid
I'm gonna take the money I make and put it to good use
And what I want I'll get
And I'll continue to give
And my life will be good, my life will be good, my life will be good